Created in 1999, the Foundation’s mission is to ensure pupils now, and in the future, have access to the best educational opportunities through the building of a culture of giving within the wider Uppingham community. 

Throughout the years, OUs and parents have donated generously to major capital projects that have helped shape the landscape of Uppingham. From the Science and Sports Centres to the Paul David Music School and Studio Theatre, the results of OU philanthropy can be seen throughout the School’s footprint.

The contribution of donors does not stop with bricks and mortar though, and thanks to the generosity of a significant number of OUs and parents the growing Uppingham Bursary Programme has created life-changing opportunities for a host of young people.

Without the generosity of our benefactors, Uppingham simply would not be the School it is today. To those that have already offered us so much kind support, we cannot thank you enough (although we will work hard to try to). To those that want to join our community of benefactors, please be assured we will help create uniquely rewarding experiences for you to shape the future of our great School. 

To create a simply stunning campus environment, and to create opportunities for young people from all walks of life and all backgrounds is a staggeringly important vision for the future.

Dr Richard Maloney, Headmaster 

To find out more about the work of the Foundation, please click here, or to make a donation further information can be found here.