Being part of the OU Association provides access to a unique, worldwide community that can unlock opportunities both socially and professionally. With more than 8,000 members, the OU network offers support throughout your onward journey and helps you make the most of that special Uppingham connection.


If you are looking to connect with other OUs via LinkedIn, the Association manages a dedicated OU Network, and we encourage you to join and connect with others in the group.

The Uppingham School LinkedIn page also provides the facility to search for a particular person or OUs who work in a specific industry or geographical area. Please ensure in your profile, under Education details, that you have selected the Uppingham School icon with a logo.  

Networking Events

We hold targeted, professional events for a range of industries, including law, property and finance, which are perfect occasions to meet fellow OUs working in your sector or to access support from experienced contacts working in the industry.

Please keep us updated with your professional and contact details using the form below so we can ensure you receive invitations to relevant events.

Event Preferences

Social Media

Our OU Facebook, Twitter/X and Instagram pages provide a regular feed of news and stories plus announcements about upcoming events and webinars.

School for Life Programme

The School for Life programme offers unlimited career and networking support through the OU community. It facilitates connections and conversations between OUs - those looking for support connecting with those able to help, and in turn helping others as they become more experienced.

School for Life Programme