The revival of Fives at Uppingham is building momentum both at the School and amongst a growing number of OUs.

Would you like to get involved and join a growing network of OU Fives fans, sharing details on opportunities to play around the country and social events?

We have recently partnered with a professional messaging and networking app, Guild, developed by OU Ashley Friedlein (C 85), which enables members to join virtual Groups that unite individuals around areas of common interest. Ashley and Nick Preston (C 74), Uppingham’s ‘Ambassador of Fives’ have set up a specific Guild Group for OU Fives, and they encourage you to join.

The OU Fives Group acts as a hub of information and communications for the game, enabling contacts to organise matches with OUs in their area and share details of Fives related events in the calendar. 

The app is free to download from App Store and easy to use.

Join the OU Fives Group

Whether you’re an experienced player, loved the game at school but haven’t played since or want to try Fives out for the first time, please get in touch, by contacting [email protected]