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The Rutland Brass Collective

As an amateur musician, to be able to play a trumpet fanfare in a large Cathedral might be a lifetime ambition or just a dream!  At the end of last year, Hugh Illingworth (B57) was delighted to be given the opportunity when he was invited by Geoff Thomson, the High Sheriff of Rutland, to play at the final service of his tenure in the impressive Peterborough Cathedral. An important occasion, mustering all the pomp and circumstance that Rutland could offer.

Hugh enlisted help from Stewart Drummond, former Head of Brass at Uppingham and former Housemaster of Fairfield, to prepare him with the challenge and his full account is available to below.

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The Thring Centre

Following last year’s feature on Myles Sewter (member of staff from 1966 to 2009) in Chalkies’ Corner, we were pleased to hear from Tim Lunt (Hf 63), who has happy memories of time spent in the Thring Centre under Mr Sewter’s direction.

One project he was involved in was the Highfield dragster, not super powerful, but Tim remembers it gave pupils a lot of fun up at Harringworth aerodrome.

The dragster was one of several projects featured in an article in the Times Educational Supplement, dated Friday October 13th 1967, enthusing about the work undertaken in the Thring Centre, which was kindly shared by Tim.

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A Schoolboy's Life at Uppingham

We are delighted to share a link to Peter Flower's (L 60) article (published on the Uppingham Local History Study Group website), based on the experience of his grandfather, Reginald Grove (R 1883) during the last few years of Thring’s headmastership.

This follows on from Peter’s biography ‘The Life and Times of a Victorian Country Doctor’.

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The Backyard Gang

Emma Sharrock (Fd 02) has lived in Hong Kong since she left university and co-founded The Backyard Gang in 2018. It’s an all-year-round programme which encourages young children to get out and about and be free – having exciting adventures, building friendships, and creating memories.

We interviewed Emma to find out more and are delighted to hear her thoughts…

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The Routh

Following our feature on OU Runners in the latest issue of the OU magazine, we are delighted to share a brief history of 'The Routh', often quoted as the starting block for many OUs enjoying running either competitively or just for pleasure post-Uppingham.

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OU Marathon Runners

There are many inspirational runners throughout the OU community, and we were delighted to hear from some of this year’s London Marathon participants, including Wyn Fanhshaw (WB 65), Ashley Grote (Hf 95), Lily Johnson (L 12), Eliza (Sa 13) and Imogen (C 13) Ross-Smith and Phoebe Aldrich (Fd 13).

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OU Sailing Association Arrow Trophy 2023

The latest Arrow Trophy competition was held over the weekend of 7th and 8th October and we are delighted to share the report here.

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OU Golfing Society 2023 Season Highlights

Due to limited space within the OU magazine, we are delighted to share an extended report on the OU Golfing Society's achievements throughout 2023.

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