David Stewart (Hf 68)

Hon Secretary:
Hedley Stroud (L 67)

Hon Treasurer:
Robin Hargreaves (F 72)

Hon Match Secretary:
Chris Bennett-Baggs (WB 02)


The Rovers are founder members and compete in The Cricketer Cup competition every year. This is a knockout competition over 50 overs each side involving 32 public schools in England. We also run an annual tour in the South East of England in early July and a series of other one-off matches. If you are interested in playing in any of these games please contact the Hon Match Secretary above.


The primary source of new Rovers will be from school leavers' who have earned their colours in the Uppingham 1st X1 cricket side. A Committee meeting on The Upper during the Saturday of the Old Boy's match will consider all those leavers who qualify for election and show a clear ability to go on and play club cricket to a good level after leaving School and have an interest in playing for the Club thereafter.

Those not elected as school leavers can still make themselves eligible for election later. If they can demonstrate that they are playing club cricket to the level required they will be invited to play for the Rovers. Players wishing to join the Club via this route should have a Proposer and Seconder to vouch for their cricket ability and suitability. At the next Committee meeting their application will be considered and, if they meet the criteria, they will be elected.

On being elected a new Rover a payment of £50 is due to the Club within 30 days. A Club tie will be given to the new member on election. A new member must commit to playing a minimum of 3 games for the Club within 5 years of their election. If they fail to do this their election will become null and void at the end of that time.

We have also introduced an associate membership for those who are not active cricketers. If you wish to learn more about the Rovers please contact Hedley Stroud, Hon Secretary.

Subsidies for players 27 and under

We currently have a subsidy programme which substantially reduces the cost of cricket and accommodation for Rovers aged 27 and under. Further details can be obtained from the Hon Treasurer.

Click here to read the Uppingham Rovers Cricket Club Handbook 2019