Past, Present and Future

The Lodge was formed in 1919 and comprises OUs of all ages, races and creeds and meets three times a year in London (City University Club, Cornhill), a dinner is held afterwards.  It also holds an annual dinner in Uppingham, which provides a useful and enjoyable way of keeping in touch with the School and its developments.

The OU Lodge, like all other Masonic Lodges, is involved in raising money for a wide range of charities; this has included giving money to the Uppingham Foundation as well as members of the Lodge contributing money to the school for the Chapel extension and the Masonic gates.

Future plans include the setting up of a charity specifically to provide bursary funds for pupils at Uppingham, which are to be funded by Lodge members.

  • Beneficiaries will include talented children needing an extra boost or equipment.
  • Disadvantaged children, where family circumstances may end their education early.
  • Children who would benefit from being at Uppingham but who need bursary help.

The OU Lodge is part of the Public Schools Lodges Council, which consists of thirty-two schools Lodges. Over the last 10 years the OU Lodge has been successful in attracting a healthy number of new members; however it is always looking to attract more members, particularly younger OUs. The Lodge holds an ‘open invitation’ informal reception each year in early January.

If you are already a Freemason or would like an opportunity to find out more then please feel free to get in touch with the contacts provided below or visit for general details.

Adrian Lewthwaite (M76) -
07961014890 (Mob)
0207 622 5912 (Home)

Tim Meeks (Fgh 90) -
07809 433 076 (Mob)