Social Media Design

May 20, 2019, at 12:15pm

We are Social!

Over the past few months we’ve been delighted to see an increasing number of OUs follow us on Social Media. Not only have our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages had more OUs following them, there have also been more likes, shares and comments than ever before! We’d love you to be part of the conversation too, particularly on LinkedIn where OUs can network and ask for support from others across a range of industries. Following us on Social Media also allows you to learn what other OUs from your year group or house have been up to, hear about events and news, while you are on the go or browsing at home.

Keep up to date with us via:
Facebook - @olduppinghamians
LinkedIn - OU Network for Uppingham School (group)
Instagram - @old_uppinghamian
Twitter - @OUOffice

You can still keep in touch with us via the OU website, our mailings and online event notices. Alternatively email Jo in the office with any notices and news, or if you are trying to get in touch with another OU.