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December 9, 2019, at 3:59pm

Visit the School Shop for some great stocking fillers and Uppingham gifts

If you're looking for some unique stocking fillers or Uppingham gifts, the school shop has some great items! All of the above items (prices below), and more available directly from the shop:

Uppingham Sports and Books
9 High Street East
LE15 9PY

01572 822211 /

Uppingham teddy bear (Fudge on left, Toffee on right) £14.99
Uppingham notebook £4.99
Uppingham pen £3.99
Uppingham mini rugby ball £7.99
Uppingham large jute shopping bag £7.99
Uppingham wristband £1
Uppingham bauble £20
Uppingham Belgian chocolate bar £2.99