Thiepval Memorial

April 10, 2019, at 1:14pm

Rory Ngah (WB 09) and the Commonweath War Graves Commission

On 1st April, Rory Ngah (WB 09) started work with the Commonweath War Graves Commission after being accepted onto their Internship programme.

Officially chartered in 1917, the CWGC acts as the guardian of our nation’s fallen from both World Wars, carefully tending to the graves and memorials of over 1.7 million men in over 23,000 locations worldwide. 

Based primarily at the Thiepval Memorial, which commemorates those who fell in the Somme sector, amongst them 24 OUs, Rory will be acting as a guide, helping visitors to find their loved ones and educating them about the Commission’s work.

If there are any OUs planning to visit the Western Front between now and early August, Rory would be delighted to act as a point of contact, please feel free to get in touch with him on