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October 23, 2017, at 4:00pm

My Friend Charlie

Fed up of swiping right? Well Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Spokes (Fd 01) has just the thing for you.

Charlie says; “We at My Friend Charlie think dating should be fun! In the fast paced world we live in, we seem to have forgotten that a bit, it's become more like a job interview or another thing on the to-do-list. Dates should also be fun, which is why we're working hard organise some great events and to create an environment to take the pressure off and let people just get to know each other in a more natural way, like the good old days, but with a thoroughly modern twist”

The events themselves remove the requirement for any of the traditionally awkward small talk. There is no obligation to jump straight in and approach anyone in particular, but if someone does happen to catch your eye, a quiet word with Charlie and she will orchestrate an introduction. If you do happen to meet someone you just can’t forget about during the night, send Charlie a message and she’ll see if the feeling is mutual. It’s just like it used to be, but this time giving fate a bit of a helping hand. Charlotte is on hand at every event and acts as a mutual acquaintance to everyone, gliding seamlessly around and tactfully managing the whole event. Do you ever wish you had a friend who knew some single people? Now you do. When people ask how you met, you can now say “Oh, My Friend Charlie”.

Sign –up is free and you only pay for the events you go to. Charlie is currently running events at an introductory price of around £30 each and all events are based in London. However, watch this space as Charlotte tells me they plan to expand into 3 more UK cities in the near future.


Charlotte also featured in The Sunday Times last week, talking about her experiences finding a ‘Hot Desk’ in London to run on My Friend Charlie, read about it here.