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March 8, 2018, at 4:18pm

Ember Snacks are Recruiting

Are you looking for an exciting new opportunity? Ember snacks, the brain child of OUs Jack (Fgh 02) and Harry (HF 04) Mayhew are looking for a school or university leaver to join their team for a paid internship.

The role of 'Field Sales Executive' will give you experience in the frenetic world of the ever growing snack food market from within the inspirational environment of a start-up. Sound good? Check out the job description below.

If you are interested in the role please send your CV with a covering letter to Toddy on

Field Sales Executive

My brother and I started Ember because we believe there is an amazing opportunity in snacking.

Meat snacks are the number 2 category after crisps in the USA and set to explode in the UK and Europe. The UK is currently in 20% growth and the second fastest growing category in the UK.

We have had fantastic success since launching in 2017 and are looking for a candidate who will join us and grow with the business. There is high risk and reward working for a start-up so if you believe in what we are trying to achieve then we can promise that you will get out as much as you put in.

Who we are looking for? The interview will be based around these three skills

  1. Sales experience; you will be selling our product around London and dealing mostly with business owners, you’ll need to know what you’re talking about and be a confident salesperson.
  2. Numerate; you will need to be confident with talking numbers, margins, discounts. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist, just the basics.
  3. Outgoing and resilient; are you the type of person that can wangle themselves to the front of a queue? Or have the power to persuade even the most stubborn characters? If not, then this job probably isn't for you. We need our sales team to be upbeat, motivated and Resilient. You will also play a large role in our sampling team and often be the first face people associate with the brand, we need you to be smiling and approachable!

Core principles to do well at Ember

  1. Ownership - the willingness to take something and run with it. We will not micro manage.
  2. Learn and be curious: learning is never complete. Our team will be forever curious about new possibilities.
  3. Think big: to succeed we all need to think big and do things differently
  4. Have a backbone: the ability to challenge, debate and be tenacious
  5. Deliver results: we will focus our efforts on our clear strategy and all work towards goals

What will the job be like:

  1. Varied and exciting: everyone in a start-up needs to be willing to muck in with everything. There isn't a support team. We have look and problems and work out how we are going to fix them on our own
  2. Sales: you will be hitting the London streets to get distribution in our target customers as well as get some invaluable exposure with business leaders and major retailers. This will be around 3 days a week, you will be expected to land new accounts and expand sales with existing ones.
  3. If you can get sales we also have an attractive incentive scheme, which we can take you through.
  4. Marketing: we need you to be passionate about social media, think differently, and really live our brand. We will need you to run sampling sessions across London 2-3 times a week.

What won’t it be like:

  1. 09.00-17.00: you won't watch the clock once. We work to the philosophy that work should be fun, exciting and enjoyable. We want to create a community friends and colleagues that are all fully bought into what we are trying to achieve
  2. Boring - the food and drink industry is fast moving. Chuck in a start-up environment to the mix and we will be on a whirlwind journey.                              

Who are you working for?

  1. The Ember Brothers - Harry and Jack Mayhew. We are farmers sons who grew up in sticks and have worked in London for food and drinks businesses for the last 5 years.
  2. We have been lucky enough to gain some great friends and contacts over the years and want to give the same opportunities to people starting early in their careers

Send us an email with a Cover letter including something interesting about yourself & a CV

Compensation details

Benefits: as much biltong as you can eat, lunch in the office and a bike to get you around London