Megan Davies

March 7, 2019, at 10:00am

Celebrating style for International Women's Day with OU Megan Davies

Megan Davies (NH 04) has always been passionate about food and is now freelance food stylist, writer and illustrator.

After leaving Uppingham she studied Theatre & Performance at Leeds University, but was never far away from catering, working part time for a high-end catering company, becoming full-time after graduating in 2012. 

Her early career saw her managing a range of events, from Royal occasions, high-society weddings and parties, to exhibition opening dinners at the V&A and National Gallery.

Following a six-month training course at Le Cordon Bleu for the Chef Diploma, she began working as a private chef internationally, moving into food styling and recipe testing. Today, she works with foodie magazines including Olive, BBC Good Food and Weightwatchers, plus brands Sainsbury's, Hello Fresh, Pret A Manger, Linda McCartney Foods, Sabra Houmous, Pasta Evangelists and several book publishers.   

“I'm particularly proud of being the co-recipe tester and food stylist on, 'Together: Our Community Cookbook', supported and celebrated by The Duchess of Sussex, who also wrote the Foreword”, comments Megan. The book is a collection of recipes written by a group of women whose community was devastated by the Grenfell fire in 2017, coming together to form the Hubb (Arabic for love) Community Kitchen, where they cooked meals together for their children, families and friends.

“It was an incredible project to be a part of and an honour to be able to personally support such an inspiring group of women and cause.”

Megan will be one of several female OUs attending the London Dinner tonight at the Mandarin Oriental, and we asked her what an impact being an OU has had on her.

OU team: Tonight you will be celebrating being an OU with your classmates. How has your time at Uppingham School shaped you as a woman?
Megan: Being at Uppingham made me able to really cherish friendships and family. Not everyone is given the privilege, space and time to nurture those relationships in such a defining way, which is a special thing. Literally all of my closest friends are still from school.

OU team: Have you come across any barriers as a woman forging a place in business?
Megan: Very much so - and it’s the reason I have removed myself from certain situations (mainly a glass-ceiling scenario) but those situations have also led me to find my niche, train and become a freelancer doing an incredibly creative job that is perfect for me.

OU team: What can be done to inspire and motivate women to aim high? 
Megan: I think working out your personal priorities in terms of what you want from a job, a business or a role is really important. Then you can work out what to focus on (whether that be money, creativity, work-life-balance, mentoring etc.) in order to help reach your ultimate goals and be happy in your work, which is the most important thing!

Thank you to Megan for sharing her story with us. To see some of her work, follow her Instagram @megandaviesfood

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