April 27, 2018, at 9:00am

Book Launch...

On Speech Day, Saturday 26th May, Anthony Trace QC (WB 72) will launch a “Festschrift”, a book in memory of the late Jeff Abbott, long serving member of staff from 1962 to 1989 and Housemaster of West Bank from 1968 to 1983.

The book contains contributions from notable people including the late David Gaine, the Rev James Barnett, Andrew Gimson (WB 71) (the biographer of the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson), Oliver Wise (Racquets player and MCC cricketer), Leonie Jameson (Fd 75) (Film Producer), Philip Howard (former Literary Editor of The Times) and Lt Col Giles Stibbe (one of the leading lights at Headley Court, the rehabilitation centre for wounded servicemen and servicewomen).

Anthony Trace QC (WB 72) has funded the book and all proceeds will go to the Uppingham Foundation. It will be available to purchase at the OU Drinks Reception on Speech Day and thereafter all enquiries should be directed to ou@uppingham.co.uk

Jeff Abbott
Uppingham Staff from 1962 to 1989

Anthony Trace QC (WB 72) has stopped being a litigator and has changed careers to become a Mediator, practising from 4 Pump Court, Temple, London EC4Y 7AN (to reach him, he can be contacted via the Chief Executive, Carolyn McCombe, for contact details see www.4pumpcourt.com (chambers) and www.anthonytraceqc.com (alternative dispute resolution).