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Sydney Dinner 2018

April 13, 2018 at 6:00pm

The rooftop of The Astor

It is our huge pleasure to confirm that John Freeman (B 58) and his wife, Ryoko, are generously hosting the 2018 OU Sydney Dinner

Venue: the rooftop of The Astor, 123-125 ​Macquarie Street, Sydney.
Time: The event starts at 6pm, but you are welcome any time after 5.40pm (sunset will be at 5.35pm and twilight around 6pm), and to lend a hand with arranging things. Building rules dictate that guests leave the roof by 9pm, but for those able to continue, there are bars close by.

Tom Ray (Hf 00), who is organising the occasion, has confirmed there is a great crowd booked in to attend - including a special guest appearance from Uppingham royalty, Richard Boston (B 56).

John and Ryoko will be providing food so the event will only set you back $30 - please bring this in cash on the day and also bring your own drinks. Tom informs us the nearest Bottle-O's are 42 Pitt St and Mr Liquor (Circular Quay).

Entry is for named guests only, please contact Tom Ray if you would like to join everyone!  If you are unable to make the event, please also let Tom know as soon as possible.

For info, John penned the following few words...

The Astor was the first “company title” apartment building in Sydney. Before it sunk to taking in the likes of Ryoko and me (25 years ago), The Astor was home to some amazing men and (especially) women. The roof has always been special. The Premier of NSW opened the building in 1923 at a tea party on the roof. You will recognize one of the scenes in “The Cheaters” (oh, but maybe you missed this film of 1929?), and during the war the RAAF took it over, being the highest point in the City!

The roof has a covered area (small enough to ensure that we get to know each other really well if it rains) and toilets. However, please dress to suit the weather, especially if it is windy.