The OU Association is one of the most active alumni networks in the country. Set up in 1911 to ensure that the friendships established during schooldays were maintained, today the OU team is also on hand to offer advice and networking opportunities to OUs. With more than 8,000 OUs worldwide, of all ages and working in every different profession, wherever you go and whatever you do there will be a network for you.

Being an OU means you have access to:-

  • Great OU events
  • A high quality annual OU magazine
  • An annual e-newsletter
  • Access to social media platforms, including the OU LinkedIn group for career networking and Facebook page for all the latest social news.
  • Click here for more benefits of being an OU.

All pupils who have studied at Uppingham are eligible to join the Association. Most parents pay for their children to become members by paying a termly fee during the two years of Sixth Form. One-off payments after leaving school are also possible. To enquire about the cost of becoming an OU please contact the OU office.

When you leave Uppingham your connection with the School doesn’t end there. By being part of the OU Association, you are part of a club which will be of value to you for the rest of your life.